Develop the next generation of novel therapeutics to address diseases caused by abnormal angiogenesis and infectious pathogens. Our proprietary molecules target human proteins involved in abnormal vascular growth, cancer, tumor growth, ocular pathologies, proteins from infectious pathogens including viruses and bacteria, and diseases of the brain.

Our technology comprises multitargeted therapeutics comprising stereoisomer peptides with enhanced physicochemical properties making them ideal drug candidates against several target areas including oncology and infectious and brain diseases.

Our therapeutic compounds target simultaneously several abnormal proteins involved in these diseases.



Novodux technology is based on small stereoisomer peptides capable of modifying disease state cell characteristics. The peptides directly impact on the cell by targeting and disrupting proteins that are overexpressed or down regulated causing disease.

Novodux technology aims to provide novel compounds for several unmet therapy needs and expects to provide a shareholder return based on outstanding performance.

Novodux's technology is protected with several recently issued patents.

Our name Novodux is derived from Latin which means 'innovator' and ‘leader'. These attributes reflect our leadership creating the next generation of innovative therapeutics.


Developing the Next Generation of Medicines for Human Diseases